Getting Your toddler to Brush Their Teeth

Today’s Save My Sanity tip is about brushing your toddler’s teeth.

Confession: I have at times wanted to totally give up on my daughter’s teeth and just let them rot out.

Don’t do it! Having healthy teeth is linked to lower rates of heart disease. Also, it can improve behavior, sometimes kids are cranky because their teeth hurt!

I’ll share several teeth brushing ideas, but my first one:

Have an assortment of toothbrushes available. That way, your toddler gets to choose which tooth brush they’re going to use instead of whether or not they brush their teeth.

Underlying Parenting Secret: Give your kids choices you’re okay with!

My 4 year old’s collection of toothbrushes

These are all of the toothbrushes I have tried to get my daughter to brush her teeth. From left to right.

The up side of having an assortment of toothbrush options is that my control enthusiast toddler can choose which tooth brush she uses (note: she does not get to choose whether or not she brushes her teeth) this can sometimes help intercept a tantrum because she doesn’t feel like she has to choose not to brush her teeth.


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