Day 4: The Rollercoaster

Welcome to Day 4 of my Pelvic Floor Challenge.

I’m going to be honest, I feel a little uncomfortable writing about my struggles with sneezing and not peeing myself. But, I think that this is an issue that many women struggle with and suffer in silence because it is taboo to talk about. Just think – have you stopped doing an exercise program, tried to hold back a laugh, or not done something you would otherwise do because you were afraid of peeing yourself? I decided to do something about this because I teach Martial Arts classes for a living and couldn’t quit my job because I couldn’t jump.

I want to give you information that I’ve found helpful for me in a usable format. I know that when I first asked my doctor about stress incontinence, she told me that I should look up what a kegel exercise was and make some dietary changes, and that I could take medication or have surgery if it got ‘really bad.’ That was not bad advice, but it didn’t occur to me that I could start an exercise program that focused on my pelvic floor just like I exercise the rest of my body and get better results without having to take medication or have surgery.

Most women I know who have issues with weakness in their pelvic floor don’t necessarily have the time to read a medical textbook, go to physical therapy or figure this out on their own time. That’s where I got the idea to create this challenge.

As a mom, you don’t necessarily have time for everything, but you CAN incorporate these simple exercises into your daily routine, and you WILL see a big difference in your pelvic muscle tone and your ability to do normal things – go for a jog, laugh at a funny joke, or sneeze – with more confidence.

Be sure to check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 to get you started. At the end of this 7 Day Challenge, I will put together a PDF document with all the instructions and exercises that I’d be happy to email to you for free to help you get started on your path to sneezing with confidence!

Now, to for today’s challenge!


Day 4: The Roller Coaster

Learning to do this exercise was a real game changer for me when it came to being able to move the way I wanted to without feeling like I was going to pee myself. It’s called the roller coaster.

I’ve recorded audio instructions for the roller coaster because I’ve read instructions for this exercise, but was never successful in doing it until someone told me how.

You may not feel like you’re “doing” much at first, but with time, you will strengthen the muscles and get better results. I recommend doing 5 repetitions 3-5 times a day. You will see results, and once you’ve gotten in the habit of doing it, you’ll be more able to do it when you’re sitting in traffic, washing your hands, reading this blog, playing with your kids, etc.

(I’m sorry about the weird sound my microphone was making at the beginning of the recording!)

Note: I’m a mom who’s passionate about sneezing without peeing myself! As with any exercise regimen, you should probably consult your doctor. These exercises will help most people strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles, but you should always be mindful of your specific health needs and consult your doctor about your unique situation.


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