Friday Fun! This week’s top five from the web!

For Fridays, I enjoy recapping the week with some of my favorite things from the internet this week – things I’ve found useful, instructive or inspiring. I hope you’ll enjoy my finds this week, and share you’re favorite finds, too!

(If you’re done with school shootings for this week, I totally get it. Please move on to #2 – everything else in this post is much more cheery!)

  1. The students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


I think that we can never know until it happens, how any of us will respond to a crisis. But, I am inspired by these kids who have witnessed a horrible tragedy taking action to protect other children and make our world a safer place in spite of all the cruel and hurtful things that have happened to them in the aftermath of their tragedy. I hope that we will all have the grace to honor their pain and do what we can to make all of our public spaces and public discourse kinder to all involved.

If you’re interested in getting involved or more informed on this conversation, Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety are established and reasonable voices in this conversation.

Also, before you leave a comment about “good guys with guns,” I DO believe that there are self-defense applications where a personal firearm can be an effective tool. I also know that there are LOTS of gun owners out there who take the take the responsibility of owning a firearm very seriously, and always put safety first.

But, in an active shooter situation, I think it’s important to watch a video like this:

It is almost impossible to be prepared for a situation like this and expect a civilian to be prepared to effectively nuetralize a shooter.

I think it’s also important that acknowledge the unique kind of damage a weapon like an AR-15 can do.

What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns (Heather Sher, from The Atlantic, February 22, 2018)

I hope we can all do our part to move this conversation forward and create a safer America.

Now, onto some happy things…


2. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text


This is quite possibly my favorite new podcast (and I listen to and love a LOT of podcasts). Somehow I hadn’t realized that podcasts about books were a thing, and I have been wandering around that world, and fortuitously discovered Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. I love that they take themselves both seriously and lightly and invite their listener to bring a spiritual reverence to this text that has been so meaningful and instructive for my life. Somehow, I’m sure this sounds strange, but it allows me to access my faith in a new and fresh way as well.

3. The Lazy Genius

The Lazy Genius is a blog and podcast, and I’ve started listening to this podcast to help me organize my life, and I feel like it’s working. Kendra, the host, has tips for cleaning your bathroom, doing your laundry, setting goals, baking – all the things. Her episodes are short, entertaining and actionable. I don’t always clean up the “Lazy Genius” way, but I have tried a number of her tips, and I am really liking it so far.


For me, the obstacles of having a clean and organized life really come down to not really knowing how and really needing a pep talk. I feel like Kendra really meets me where I am – I get my Monday morning pep talk every week to face my house and clean it up! You might like it, too!

4. Stop everything and go get your A Wrinkle in Time Tickets RIGHT NOW!

I’m a little bummed that I haven’t gotten to see Black Panther yet (please don’t spoil it for me!), but I can take my kids to see A Wrinkle in Time, and if I only get to see one movie in 2018, this will be it.

I’m so excited to see the way that Ava DuVernay has reimagined this amazing story and brought it to the screen!!!!

5. If you’re still with me (I can wait while you get your tickets to A Wrinkle in Time…) you fellow dog lovers might enjoy this Hilarious Guide to Dog Breeds by Grace Gogarty. I think she’s definitely pegged the husky (mine did in fact eat our couch…while she was locked in a crate three feet away).

Have a great week!

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