Before you sign up to adopt a fall out puppy…

I just read this heart wrenching article about the “fall out dogs” the ancestors of domestic dogs that were abandoned in the Ukraine after the Chernobyl power plant melted down in 1986.

The Radioactive Puppies of Chernobyl Will Find Homes in the United States

I feel like there’s nothing like a radioactive puppy to get you to sign up for a waitlist to give a home to a special animal that deserves a second chance…

I mean…I want a Chernobyl puppy. They’re adorable.

Which is why I’m writing this…for myself.

Maggie don’t adopt a Chernobyl puppy.

I know, thanks to my lovely dog, that dogs can have challenging temperaments – even if they’re not dangerous, they can be expensive, anxious, hard to train, and it doesn’t matter how kind, patient, or loving you are – the dog will still be difficult.

Dogs require an ongoing commitment, and a dog that wasn’t bred around humans will require some MAJOR puppy therapy.

So…that’s why I’m not going to sign up to adopt a Chernobyl puppy. Even though they have the best back story ever, and are SOOOOOOO cute.


I’m not going to do it.

But if YOU decide to do it, please start an instagram account, so I can follow you.

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