Tiny Tips: Brush your teeth

I’ve stumbled upon a few great (and tiny) truths in my life, and a big one is that you can face almost any problem with more fortitude after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Now that I have kids, I find that I’m rushing out the door every time I leave the house. It’s tempting, after I’ve wrangled my kids into their clothes, gotten my things, and managed to put myself in clothes, to just go out the door. But, I’ve found that it’s always a good idea to take the two minutes to brush your teeth. Honestly, if you’re late two more minutes won’t make a huge difference. And if you’re ‘on time’ you’ll feel better if your teeth are clean.

Also, I find that if I’m actually too busy, too tired, too late to brush my teeth, that’s a pretty good sign that I’m too busy.

Just something to think about.

p.s. If you have little people who may be reluctant to brush their teeth, there’s a delightful podcast called “Chompers” hosted by the tooth fairy herself that coaches kids through brushing their teeth with trivia, jokes, interviews and lots of fun! I highly recommend it!


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