Ylvis: Your new favorite Norwegian Pop Band

I desperately hope that wherever you are and whatever you do for a living, that you have heard of Ylvis. I assume that you must have because I basically live under a pop-culture rock and barely know the characters on my kids’ favorite television show.

Their biggest worldwide hit (with almost a billion views of their youtube music video) is “What does the Fox Say?”

If you were here yesterday for my celebration of π di celebration you remember that I compared they mystery of π to Stonehenge. Which Ylvis has also discussed in song (not π. Stonehenge.)

They also have the most amazing super hero homage to Norwegian diplomat Jan Egeland. It has a very catchy chorus, “When there’s war and all is hell, send in Jan Egeland…Oh how I wish I was Jan Egeland.” And isn’t that great? I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a song about this in honor of a diplomat, so I love what they’re doing.

What I love about their music is that their music has inspired more study of Stonehenge, more international recognition of the great work of Jan Egeland and of course, we are now all haunted by the mystery: what does the Fox say?


  1. Ylvis are top in pop, but with a twist:. they stand outside the genre and poke fun at it. Often with an absurd twist. All their music videos have multiple layers of commentary on life, the arts, people. Check out “A Capella,” “Work It,” and “Intolerant.” Lots of older folks like me, and the young set, are into these talented brothers.


    1. Thank you for the recommendations! You have nailed what I love about them! Their music is both catchy, satirical, but also “you’re totally right? What is the meaning of Stonehenge?” I’ll be listening to your recommendations now!! Thanks!


  2. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this musical duo. Enjoy going down the Ylvis rabbit hole on YouTube; you’ll be lost for days. (Watch them try to set up a tent on IKMY…I laughed until I cried)

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