Little Life Hacks: Designate a place for your keys

I’m sure this seems obvious, but having a specific place for your keys is SUPER helpful.

I spend lots of time looking for my keys, shoes, purse, headphones, remote control, etc. It takes up a lot of mental energy and makes getting out the door frustrating. Also, if I’m struggling to get my kids out the door, adding a frantic hunt for my car keys does not help anything.

Enter – the magical hook by the door.

That is where my keys live. I don’t always remember to put them there, but I do it most of the time. It is such a pleasure to have them their place when I need them. And if I find them somewhere else (the kitchen table, by my bed, the bathroom counter), I can take them back to the hook.

We started with the removable wall hooks that you can buy at almost any store. Then when we decided we liked it, we upgraded to a more attractive decorative hook.

For you, the place for keys might be a dish by the door, a counter, a drawer – wherever works for you. For us, the hook is magical. We have one for home and one for our taekwondo studio. It’s really been life changing.

One of my favorite people on the internet, Kendra, The Lazy Genius, recommends storing things in the place you’re most likely to look for it. I think that’s a great rule of thumb (especially for kitchen gadgets).

Another tip, if you can’t find your keys (or anything else) is to look harder where it’s supposed to be. I recently lost my keys, and it turned out that they’d fallen into an umbrella I’d left beside my door to dry. Crazy. Look harder where it’s supposed to be.

Do you keep your keys in a specific place? What about it works for you?


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