New people have great insight

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. It started with my thoughts on complacency. and familiarity

New people have a fresh perspective on things. But often, when I’m new, I don’t want to butt in with my opinion because I don’t know what’s been tried in the past.

Often, there’s a reason for traditions (or as, I’ve discussed, the crowd can be right).

But, when I want to know how I can make my business better, a new person is a great person to ask. There may be good reasons not to make changes that a new person suggests (cost, hassle, etc. can be legitimate and important barriers to change), but hearing their ideas is still useful.

An important corollary to this idea is that even if something is familiar to you, it’s new for someone. This is one of our guiding lights for teaching Martial Arts to our students; It’s always someone’s first time. Maybe you’ve taught a punch, side kick, or high block a thousand times — but for someone, it’s the first time. Maybe they’ve been in class when you explained it before, but they’re ready for it today.

And – if today is the day that they’re ready for it – you need to be ready to teach it like it’s special…because it is.


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