Burn Bans

At this time of year, in my part of the world, it is not unusual for the fire department to impose “burn bans.” Which is to say, you’re not allowed to burn your rubbish, have a fire pit, etc. because the ground is dry, and you’re more likely to start a wildfire than you normally would be.

Yes, wildfires are an important and natural part of the ecosystem, but they can get out of control really quickly, and we all like our homes and such, so most people follow the rules, and we leave the controlled burns to the professionals.

Here, in the middle of this pandemic, with all it’s accompanying craziness, I am reminding myself that this is the dry season and conditions are perfect for an emotional wildfire.

I noticed this earlier this week when an acquaintance of mine said something that I am certain they meant to be encouraging and comforting, but that I found to be insensitive and hurtful. I took a moment to feel my hurt feelings. I thought about shouting, crying and all the things, but I remembered that this person is in the dry season, too. A month or two ago, the exact same words would not have bothered me, and I suspect that a month or two ago, they would have found better words to say.

But it’s the dry season.

Conditions are ripe for wildfire.

This is just to say, be gentle with yourself dear friends. And whenever possible, if you see a fire starting, don’t pour gasoline on it.




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