I am a parent. I want great things for my kids – I want them to have a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, a love of learning, healthy confidence, problem solving skills and to grow into fulfilled, self-actualized adults. Easy right?

I also have work that I love, a limited amount of time, a budget, a husband, family, friends, books I want to read, and a real need for alone time.

I spent the first year of first child’s life trying to be both a working mother and a stay at home mom. Lately, I’ve realized that that is an unfair expectation for myself.

I find that a lot of mommy blogs are by stay at home moms, a lot of food blogs are by gourmet chefs, and parenting books take me months to read.

I want to share my distilled ideas here. Short tips, things that might help you in a pinch, and recommendations for products I love and have found helpful in raising my children.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!