The tactical retreat

I’ve decided that with 8 days to my deadline and a weekend that was less productive than I intended, I’m going to cry “uncle” “mercy” “chicken” whatever it is – my deadline is hurtling towards me at warp speed and I can tell, I’m not going to make it in time.


3 days of unexpected obstacles…okay, they were totally expected. But, 3 days of minimal progress have made it clear to me that getting my stuff together for next week is unlikely.

So, I’m off to the IRS’s website. It’s form 4868 for those of you who are counting.

I know the IRS has a pretty terrible reputation because I’m pretty sure that everyone would prefer to not have to pay taxes, but I actually find the IRS’s website to be very user friendly and helpful. I just typed in ‘extension’ in their search box and the right form popped up.

This is to important note – When you file an extension for your tax return, you’re still responsible for PAYING your taxes on time. If you’ve had the appropriate amount deducted from your paychecks throughout the year, that’s no big deal, but if you underpaid, you could find yourself paying late fines and penalties whenever you DO get around to filing your taxes.

More on taxes and tax planning later.

I think the lesson of today is: sometimes, you just need to take your breathing room where you can get it. Today, I need to not be panicking about filing my tax return in 8 days. I need to re-group and get my priorities figured out, so that I’m able to make progress on everything that’s important to me.



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  1. RUN AWAY!!!!
    This is actually so inspiring to me, as someone whose pattern is to the eye the thing with mounting dread until there’s no time left and then stay up all night feverishly working. You started in time, you kept an eye on the situation, and when life intervened you had a backup plan and the whole thing was not a big deal. In my mind that makes you #goals.


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