The 5 best things on the internet this week (august 25)

On Fridays, I want to share some of my favorite articles, essays and videos from around the internet.

  1. The Great American Eclipse

I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a total solar eclipse this week. I really enjoyed this video of sermon talks based on the solar eclipse by comedian, John Crist.

2. An ABC News report from 1979

The last total solar eclipse over the U.S. was in 1979. I found this ABC news report from that event to be worth watching…

3. What is Love Capable Of from the blog Tiffany Rave

I’m a big fan of this blog. She shares great insights on marriage, faith and life in general. I felt like this post really captured so many feelings and thoughts I’ve had about the racism that is coming out in the open in our country these days.

4.Performing  Project Premortem by Gary Klein

I heard about this article on the Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin. And I’ve spent the rest of the week performing pre-mortem on everything in my life. The idea is a mental exercise: Imagine a project you’re working on turns out to be a total failure.

What went wrong?

If you think about the answers ahead of time, you can anticipate and avoid many hiccoughs in your projects and increase your likelihood of success by 30% (according to the Harvard Business Review).

So far, I’ve been applying this thinking to my parenting, the upcoming tournament my Martial Arts Academy is hosting, and my blog. I hope it’s as helpful for you as it has been for me!

5. The Honest Body Project

Recently, a woman I know has had her photo shoot about her 3rd C-Section go viral. 

A local woman has started The Honest Body Project to help women love and appreciate their bodies, and I just have to say, I think it’s the best thing ever.

You should seriously visit her site, buy her book, and love your body!

Maggie’s Thoughts for the week:

I shared this post on Facebook, and wanted to share it here, too. Just in case I can put a little more good into the universe:

My favorite thing about this week’s solar eclipse was getting to share my eclipse glasses with the people didn’t have their own pair…because you can only look at the sun disappearing for so long.

My second favorite thing was sharing all of your pictures and posts (especially you awesome people who are in the path of totality!).

For the past year, I have felt so disheartened by how divided our world seems. But today, I felt so connected to friends and family experiencing this phenomena all over the country.

This may sound naive, but maybe we can build on this. If we can all agree that the solar eclipse is cool, and we can agree that we like inspirational painted rocks. That is two things that we agree on. Maybe this is a starting point we can build on. Maybe there’s more room for common ground in our world. Maybe…tomorrow’s sunrise? Sequoia Trees? Pumpkin spice?

And maybe we can all stretch our emotional muscles a little more and assume that people we disagree with want good things. Maybe we disagree with them on which good things we like the best, how to get those good things to the people we love and care about, and how much of those good things we need to give to people we don’t love and care about…but maybe we could treat each other like their good things are good.

Maybe we can treat each day like it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Today there was a solar eclipse, but ultimately, some part of every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity to connect with friends, to show kindness, to start making progress towards being the kind of person and living the kind of life you want to live.

Thanks for joining me! What was your favorite thing on the internet this week? Please leave a link in the comments or let me know! I’m always on the lookout for interesting reading, inspirational stories and hilarity!

For more of my favorite things check out…

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