30 Ideas to get you started on Self Care

A few years ago, when I realized that I didn’t really know how to do self-care, I set about learning how to do this. It has taken some work, but I now have a pretty good menu of things I do regularly that fill up my tank. I used to think that indulging in all this “selfish self-care” was taking away from my family, but I was wrong.

When I give to myself and take the time to fill up my own tank, I am a better mom. I enjoy my relationship with my husband more. I do better work. Most of all, I feel like a person, so even if it didn’t help anyone else, it helps me. But it really doesn’t take away from anyone or anything in my life.

If you’re lost like I was, here are 30 ideas to get you started on finding things that feel like self-care to you!

12 Totally Free Ideas for Self-Care

  • Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for (start with something easy, like the sun came up today)
  • Take a walk outside (Which reminds me of my little life hack: treat yourself like a plant)
  • Drink a class of water
  • Run errands without your phone
  • Listen to your favorite song from when you were a teenager
  • Listen to any music you love
  • Ask someone you love for a hug (in my house we sometimes shout “HUG TIME!” like in the Trolls movie)
  • Make your bed (I think of this as a gift to myself later, because it’s always nice to come back to a made bed)
  • Meditate (you can just breathe in the silence, but I find guided meditation is a much easier place to start than just breathing in silence. I’m a big fan of the app: insight timer)
  • Write or Email a thank you note to someone you appreciate
  • Turn off your phone for a day
  • Brush your teeth (I know, I know! Basic Hygiene Doesn’t Count as Self-Care, but I ALWAYS find that brushing my teeth gives me an outsized boost in how I feel)

10 Ideas that are Low/Medium Cost ways to practice Self-Care

  • Treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and a baked good
  • Find a gym, Martial Arts, yoga, crossfit, or other place where you can exercise and go work out (I consider this low-cost because if you use your membership, it evens out to a pretty low cost/visit)
  • Read a book (Can be free – I find that my local library has an excellent selection)
  • Go to a book store (I like bookstores more than other shopping venues because seriously, you can spend a zillion dollars at Target, fancy furniture stores might make you feel bad if you can’t get that right now, but you can get a wonderful book for $15. And book stores are such nice places).
  • Take an epsom salt bath
  • Rub your feet with moisturizer
  • Join a church (or find a way to include other people in a meaningful spiritual practice for you)
  • Sing in a musical group
  • Go play trivia
  • Invite Friends over to play old school board games

8 Ideas that are not inexpensive, but ARE worth it

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